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Mosquitoes fabric

Yijia mosquitoes fabric: by adding plant extracted from compositae etc environmental non-toxic finishing agent, avant-garde microcapsule used slow-release technology, make the fabric has the function of ward off and tag mosquitoes use mosquitoes ready-to-wear clothing made of fabric, which can be widely used in households, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, public places, field work, research, army, the elderly, children, students, entertainment and other outdoor activities and rest at night people remove mosquito bites disease. The repellent rate of yijia insect repellent fabric is more than 90% after being tested by authorities. After 70 household washes, the mosquito repellent effect can still reach 80%. It also has a natural antibacterial and deodorizing effect, which can repel cockroaches, gnat, gadfly, flea, deer fly, sandfly, etc. Yijia mosquito repellent cloth is eco-friendly and meets the 100 standard of oeko-tex. The application scope of yijia mosquito repellent cloth: it can be applied to cotton, polyester, cotton brocade, polyamide fabric, etc. It is widely used in field camping products (readymade garments and tents), battle wear (BDU), readymade garments, special field protection, curtains and so on.

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