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Acid-proof and alkali-proof fabric

Yijia acid-proof and alkali-proof fabric: mainly to prevent the harm of acid, alkali and other chemical agents to human body, prolong the time of acid solution infiltration from the clothing surface to the skin, so that acid and alkali solution do not adhere to the clothing surface, the clothing after acid solution erosion force changes less and can withstand strong acid pressure. Protective suits for workers who frequently contact acid and alkali liquids are divided into two specifications: breathability and impermeability. It can reach GB 24540-2009, EN368, EN 13014 and other standards. It can be used in cotton and chemical fiber blended fabrics, such as polyester, polyester, CVC, brocade etc. Yijia acid-proof and alkali-proof fabrics are mainly used in chemical, metallurgical, mineral, geological, electroplating, printing and dyeing, papermaking and other industries, as well as industrial and garment protective fabrics with acid-base and chemical agents.

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